Welcome to my blog

Hi. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m not sure how you found me. Maybe I’ll never know, but I’m glad you did.

It is my intentions to use this space to write about what’s been on my mind recently. Whether this is something I’ve stumbled across, somewhere I’ve accidently fallen into, something I enjoy, someone I enjoy, or just something I feel passionately about. Needless to say you can expect a bit of everything.

Maybe if I told you a little more about me you might have a better idea of what to expect?

Much like many people, which has become more apparent the more sign-ups I create to social apps, I like movies, TV, music, traveling, and celebs. But I also care. I care a lot. I care about people, I care about wellbeing, and I care about progression and celebration of life.

I like to drink, but I haven’t taken to the Gin fad that is currently devouring the UK. I’m open to the idea though, who knows maybe it’ll be my beverage of choice by the end of the year. I bet most of us didn’t think we’d be ending 2015 as a Belieber right? I love to dance – mix the two and I’m all yours. Currently I’m single. I’m sure you’ll hear a lot about that in the coming weeks.

My background is in Psychology and mental health, I work in the charitable sector, but I am also an artist at heart. Maybe I’ll show you some of my stuff sometime.

But for now, I’m glad you came.

Stick around.


K x



#singlegirl #London #thoughts #funny #celebs #health #music #tv #movies


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