Must-see-Movie: Get Out

Get Out was not a film that I was planning on scheduling into my cinema hit-list but I am so glad I did see it.

I’d heard from a few people that this film was definitely worth a watch – it seemed to have also gotten good reviews online – IMDB gave it an 8.2. With an evening available and a limitless cinema pass how could I not?

I’d gone not really knowing anything about the storyline, so was watching the film with a fresh mind and open conscious. As a psychology grad I have to say there are particular Get Out 2aspects of the storyline (references to hypnosis and neuroscience) that were farfetched. But, if you view it as a thriller (and let’s face it, science in movies doesn’t always make sense – it would be boring if it did) you’ll enjoy the direction it takes.

It is so easy to warm to our leading actor, Daniel Kaluuya, who plays Chris Washington, and I found myself even warming to his on screen girlfriend Allison Williams (Rose Armitage). I find her character in Girls annoying, but didn’t get caught up in it whilst watching this. The relationship they have throughout the film leaves you feeling hopeful for Washington’s future and keeps you going throughout all his hardships.

Throw in a creepy brother, a hauntingly uncomfortable community and a Get out 3hilarious best friend, and you’ve got yourself a great movie. There were people sitting by me in the screen who were gasping, shouting profanities and cheering as the story plays out. Yes – shouting and cheering in a British cinema – can you believe it!

If you’ve got an open mind, an interest in culture and enjoy a good thriller then I would definitely recommend this film.



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