Must -see-Movie: Split

This is a film that I wanted to see in the movies a for a long time, and for some reason it took me a long time to get round to it. I suppose it must have been because of the Oscar nominations. Anyway, I finally got to see it and I have two words for you: Cult Classic.

I was so excited the whole way through the film, gripped in the story and wanting to scream at the screen. James McAvoy does a spectacular job at depicting multiple personalities. The way he switches demeanor so smoothly is impressive; he is able to make slight changes in his face and before he even speaks you know which personality you are meeting.

split 2Having watched this with my friends, it was clear afterwards that McAvoy’s performance was one that would be remembered. He was able to draw you in with his character Hedwig, put you on edge with Patricia and warm you with Barry.

As far as thrillers go, i honestly think this should be a classic. One of the first things I said when the film ended was ‘why aren’t people making a bigger deal about this film?’. The way the storyline of Casey’s upbringing was sliced into McAvoy’s journey kept you guessing until the perfect end (in my humble opinion) plays out.

I would very much recommend seeing this film.



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