Unmissable Kimmy Schmidt

Have you watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yet? You most definitely should, and I’m going to tell you why!


  1. It is written by Tiny Fey. Tina Fey can do no wrong! NO WRONG! (No pressure Tina)
  2.  Kimmy is hilariously uplifting. She will quickly become your favourite go-getting
    dork. Ellie Kemper has no inhibitions playing Kimmy.
  3. The theme tune is so catchy and culturally relevant. It’ll definitely put a smile on your face.
  4. Titus Andromedon is fabulous.
  5. Lillian is fantastic; who doesn’t love a dangerous, yet sweet, rioting older-lady-landlord?!
  6. The story line is refreshing for a comedy.jane krak
  7. Jane Krakowski doesn’t disappoint in her role as the spoilt superficial rich lady. Even though I’ve watched her doing this over and over in programmes like Ally McBeal and 30 Rock I am happy to watch her doing it all over again.
  8. Kimmy’s crushes are cute.
  9. It’s so colourful!
  10. Just do it!Tina Dancing






Ever been to a silent disco?

You definitely should!

It’s no secret to any of my friends that I am a huge fan of silent discos. I have been to 5 or 6 in the last few years, I lose count, and each time I have just as much fun as the last.


For anyone who hasn’t had the enjoyment or is unsure what a silent disco is, it’s basically a party with headphones. Imagine going to a club with all your mates but instead of having to listen to what the dj wants to play, you have a choice of 3 different DJs. Typically red,green, and blue each channel is hosted by a resident dj streaming different types of tunes into each colour, so instead of having to listen to cheesy pop you can switch to indie rock. Or perhaps you prefer R&B over 80s electro? Not a problem, just flick over and I guarantee you’ll find a tune you love.

Ironically, a room full of people who have headphones on all singing and dancing away to themselves is incredibly sociable. It’s a great way to bond with friends or work mates (as I discovered after organising a work event at one of these) but also to meet new people! You’d be surprised how often you catch someone’s eye as you both rock out to the same track across the dance floor.

“But where do I find such an amazing event?” I hear you ask. Well I can only speak for London (or various university Summer Balls), but they are plenty common. I have been to one up the Shard building by London Bridge. Also at Altitude bar in the Millbank Tower. It is an incredible feeling having the time of your life in this surreal environment whilst being able to look over this illustrious city at nighttime. I would definitly recommend the Shard if you are happy to splash the cash.

silent disco

Time Out is a good place to keep your eyes and ears to as you can often buy tickets through them. Recently selling out almost immediately there are upcoming silent discos at the Cutty Sark and Natural History Museum, however I belive there are still tickets for the Shard for the rest of the year…

Just saying.


Come with me around London

With spring timidly knocking at our door, and no plans last Sunday, I thought ‘what better time to go on a walk?’ So that’s exactly what I did.

Bermondsey, my starting point. I have been in the area for a while now but never fully explored. A lot of my friends at work rave about Maltby Street market for its quirky food

Maltby Street Market

and coffee market and trendy gin bars so today I paid it a visit. I had looked it up before on google maps so had a rough idea of what direction to head in so set off with high expectations. Look for the gathering of people by the arches and you’ve found it! I had a wonder through before going back on myself to try a coffee from a cute stand somew20160410_115458here in the middle.

You know you’re in a trendy area when your ‘Iced Banana and Almond Butter Coffee’ gets served to you in a zip lock brown paper bag. To be honest you know you’re there when you order an Iced Banana and Almond Butter Coffee! I’d definitely recommend checking it out. http://www.maltby.st/

Suitably caffeinated I set off towards Tower Hill. Normally I’d have gone by Tooley Street and off to London Bridge, but not today. Today I was going to go where I’d not been before. Tower Bridge for me is wonderous, especially as a driver.

Tower Bridge

Walking over you’ve got the bank-side of London bridge on one side, home to The Scoop where I like to watch open air movies in the Autumn evenings, and the Tower of London over the other. Beautiful. I’ve never actually been in the tower, but im told by friends its good (on any day other than the weekend…).

View of The Scoop

Walk across the bridge and turn left and you’ll find St. Katherine Docks. One of my friends introduced me to this area a couple of weeks after I moved to London; we went for a drink at The Dickens Inn. It is a picturesque pub with friendly staff and a good atmosphere, but be prepared to pay a little more than average. Totally worth it for a lovely evening or chilled afternoon.


Cut through past the Walkie-Talkie and you can find yourself at St. Pauls Cathedral. This particular part of London is an old friend of mine; I used to live around Barbican so I always get the feels coming back here. I don’t need to tell you twice that the cathedral is glorious. I would really recommend visiting here  if you are looking for London landmarks. Take a walk across Millennium Bridge to or from the South bank and there are lots of places to eat and things to see.

St. Pauls Cathedral

Walking past the cathedral and down towards the strand I walk adjacent to Covent Garden, past the Savoy and slip round Trafalgar Square through to St. James’ Park. One of the more scenic of all the London parks it is surrounded by beautiful

St. James’ Park

buildings and has vivid flower arrangements lining the footpaths. It’s a lovely cut through if you wanted to see Buckingham Palace.

I cut through the park, walked around the palace and across Victoria in search of one of my favourite cake shops, Peggy Porschen.  I used to come here with my step-mother whilst I was studying for a treat, and a real treat it is! From cupcakes to biscuits, macarons to wedding cakes this shop is sweet in taste and image. On today’s menu for me was a strawberry and champagne cupcake with a side of Americano coffee. A naughty lunch, but I couldn’t resist!

Suitably sugared up I decided to head towards Chelsea for a touch of celebrity spotting. I’m a fan of Made in Chelsea so figured why not take a stroll along the Kings Road and maybe bump into Jamie Laing.

Peggy Porshen

..you never know right? (disclaimer: I didn’t but one of the cast did pop up on my happn feed). Stopping to look in the windows of galleries along the way I looked out for quirky sights amongst the grand mansions of Chelsea and Kensington. I couldn’t resist keeping my eyes open for some of the more famous sights though, such as The Bluebird.

At this point I get a call from a friend who is looking for something to do. I told her about my walk and she wants to join so we find a tube station she can get to easily from where she is. We agree on Notting Hill Gate and I let her know that I’ll walk and be there in about 45 minutes. So I zip through Kensington and into the gardens, another one of the Royal Parks, and over to the tube station. She had IMG-20160410-WA0014never been to Portobello Road so I took her there for a coffee and a piece of cake (can you see a trend here). Although the market isn’t on on a Sunday we still got the experience of the antique shops and buzzing atmosphere it has to offer. After a lovely slice my iPod and feet give up for the day so I decide to head home on the tube. Back to square one.


12 miles and some sore feet later I can say that was a Sunday very well spent! I would happily do this again, and who knows where or what I’ll stumble upon next time!