Must-see-Movie: Blair Witch

The Blair Witch 2016 sequel was one of the best kept media secrets to be revealed this year, so you can imagine the excitement this caused horror nerds. Me included.


Tonight I decided to go and see it. The first film I thought was creative and classic, although I didn’t find it scary. More spellbinding. The premise of the follow up fascinated me. Heather, The Blair Witch Project protagonist, went missing and nothing was ever found of any of the victims of the Witch that night but her little brother James has reason to believe he can find her. Or at least find out the truth. Who doesn’t love a good Round 2?

The movie itself wasn’t frightening to me, but more eerie. Much like the first I was again spellbound and glued to what was happening in the documentary style recordings James and his friends were making. The writers, producers and directors stayed true to the format of the now franchise and I left the theatre feeling hugely satisfied at the way it was made and the story told throughout, right down to the last shot on screen. Some have argued that there is too much predictability in the plotline but I would say that’s not necessarily true and if it was predictable in places it draws on the familiarity of original. The only thing I would possibly have changed are the special effects when the film starts to reach its climax, but I’ll say no more on that.

If you’re a horror buff don’t miss out – as if you would anyway! But definitely see this in the cinema, I wouldn’t wait for it to come out on disk.


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