SiL: Familiar New Experiences

This episode of SiL doesn’t actually take place in London – sorry to disappoint, but I it’s a good one.

Not getting much chat, or action, from the London dating scene I can feel myself getting frustrated and wound up. What do people generally need when frustrated and up-tight? They need to get laid. So who can I enrol to help me with this? I don’t want to just proposition a random guy in a bar or online, so flick through my phone looking for a suitable lover to take. Enter Mark.

I met Mark at Christmas in the pub. We spent most of the night chatting and he wanted to walk me home regardless of my sister giving the most intense Spanish inquisition in an attempt to scare him away. I made him give up half way home (nothing was going to happen that night anyway) and we lost contact not long after. Perfect right? I fancied him at the time. He fancied me. There’s nothing lost if it goes wrong. The only thing I needed to know was how do you set up a bootycall when you’ve never done that before?

After chatting to various friends and asking for tips the response was:

“tell him outright what you want and see what he says”
“strike up a conversation and drop in you’re going home for the weekend and wait for him to ask. He’ll get the hint”
“send a gif of someone propositioning sex”
“Netflix and Chill?”

I decided to merge a couple. I struck up a conversation, dropped in that I was going home and suggested he might like to come over for a late night movie. He likes movies. Brilliant!

So 11.30 on Saturday night he turns up and I sneak him into my room (not hard since its next to the front door) and we chat, and don’t watch a film. It’s not great sex – he has been drinking and can’t get it up fully, but actually I just don’t care. I think the fact that he wanted to have sex with me was validation enough that I didn’t need my happy ending. And in actually fact I was happy. We lay there together, naked, and watched another film wrapped in each other until we fell asleep. In the morning he leaves and I feel great. As if I’ve just had such an intimate experience off the back of a failed bootycall. And it felt right.

We’ve been snapchatting each other every day since. In fact we’ve been talking every day. I think I’d like to visit home again soon.


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