And Who Said Chivalry was Dead

Dating is hard these days; both men and women have different expectations and actually different desires from their date. But I think it is fairly safe to say that the open romantic is a dying breed; men are just not as chivalrous as they used to be. Thats fine, times are changing.

BUT lowe and behold I witnessed something so sweet this morning on the tube that it made me smile for most of the morning.

It was fairly packed and a couple squeezed on in Bermondsey. He was tall and carved himself a space with enough room for her. And here is where it gets sweet. She couldn’t reach a pole to steady herself on which normally would cause me some anxiety. This girl: no way! She casually hooks her two dominent fingers into her boyfriend’s waistband and uses him to steady herself. For 5 stops! All the while he just tightens his grip on the overhead bar and continues as if this is the absolute norm.

Something very small, but also striking.

Well done team.



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